May 24, 2017

Bad EGR Valve Symptoms

Bad EGR Valve Symptoms

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve is a relatively new part of the car and can be found on newer vehicles. This part helps the vehicle to burn the fuel more efficiently and completely. The exhaust gases full with carbon dioxide gas are used to cool the mixture in the combustion chamber, because their high temperature is creating nitrogen oxides, which are extremely harmful to the environment. The EGR valve also, has a practical feature to cool the engine oil and to prolong the life of the turbocharger. It burns the fuel in a much cooler and complete way which leads to reduction of car’s noxious emissions and in the same banning some harmful gasses. The problem with these valves occur when it gets dirty with soot from the exhaust and then, it stops functioning properly.

Every driver once dealt a problem with the EGR valve. If you notice the following symptoms, you should clean the EGR valve or replace it as soon as possible. Bad egr valve symptoms lead to polluting the environment.

Symptoms for a bad EGR Valve:

1. Excessive amount of black smoke – it is coming from the out of the exhaust pipe and this is the first symptom that the EGR valve is partly blocked.

2. The vehicle can’t reach more than 3000 revolutions – in situations like this there is no need of panic, take your car immediately to the service because this problem can lead to overheating inside the engine which affects badly on the internal parts.

3. The light for checking the engine turns on – if the computer detects a problem with EGR valve than it will immediately turn on the light for checking the engine.

Preventive and solution

If you drive the car in the town more often than it is expected, it can lead to early problems with the EGR valve. Each vehicle of the new generation is desirable to drive on an open road from time to time in order to release the large amounts of soot which has accumulated in it. Also, an important factor that determines the condition inside the valve, are the kilometers that the car has passed.

Cleaning is possible only when there is a blockage of the mechanical part of the EGR valve, and in a situation where a fault occurs in the electronic part, it needs to be replaced. In case of replacement you should use a high quality part whose specifications matches the factory requirements.

Whenever cleaning and replacement is necessary, you should make a reading with help of a computer, in order to determine the position in which the valve is. If the new or cleaned part does not adjust the central control unit of the engine, it may cause problems with the operation.

Depending on the design of the EGR valve, it may be possible to extend its life by cleaning it rather than replacing it completely. However, to do the job you will need to remove the valve to clean it which will end up taking more time than replacing it with a new one.

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