May 25, 2017

Best car wax buying tips

car wax

Car wax is a fairly inexpensive product that can work wonders on your car’s appearance. Unfortunately, if you get one of low quality, you not only risk ruining your car’s paint job but also your overall health. That being said, there are some things that you must consider when looking for when shopping.

What form is the best?
Car wax comes in four main forms i.e liquid, paste, spray and as a rubbing compound. Each has its own merits and demerits.
Liquid wax – the ease of use makes them the most popular among car owners. They are are also more easily available and generally more durable than their counterparts. On the flip side, they may not be the best option for car owners pressed for time because they generally take longer to dry.Paste wax – They are the best option for those that don’t have a problem spending a lot of time and physical effort applying and buffing to get a lovely result. The superior end result is one of the reasons why car dealerships and other automotive experts opt for them. Spray wax – This is the best option for someone in a place with fairly stable weather. Beginners usually opt for this wax because of the use of use; if one makes a mistake, all that’s needed is a clean cloth to wipe away and a reapplication.

What’s the car’s condition?
Some things about your car that will determine what the Best Car Wax is include:
Size: If your car is big, you may want to go for liquid and spray waxes because the large surface area means that a lot of time and effort will be needed to produce an even finish.Age: Older cars generally need more attention than a shiny new car. Experts suggest that you go for liquid waxes for older cars because you’ll be able to get to hard to reach areas. Also a wax that can be used for buffing would also be appropriate.Color: You’ll find a car wax for any kind of car paint and finish. Manufacturers for such waxes allow you to make minor repairs to scratches and blemishes on the car’s paint which can save you quite a lot of money in the long run.

What’s the wax made from?
Waxes come on two types based on the ingredients; natural and synthetic, with each having pros and cons.

Natural waxes are generally easier on a car’s paint job and results in a superior shine. On the other hand, a lot of time needs to be dedicated to the application process because they tend to wear off easily, especially in inclement weather. If you want a shine that will last longer and requires less work, then its better to get synthetic wax. There is also the option of using both in tandem if you want the best of both worlds i.e a superior, long lasting shine. WharCar has some review of some of the best car wax options that you can try out
You’d be amazed at how much a car’s value can be increased and how much attention you’ll garner by using a quality car wax.

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