EGR Valve Replacement

Automobiles have become a necessary part of life in the past few decades. In this world of automobiles, the costs of auto repairs have become expensive and it also varies from different countries. This is mainly due to the cost of labor that prevails in various places. You can Visit here to find all about Bad egr valve symptoms. According to the experts at, it is very easy to learn the details of repairing or replacing the cost of EGR valve which is deployed in most the vehicles which have Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system in them.

Most of the modern diesel engines have this system in the form of an EGR valve. Interestingly, the repairs or replacements of this unique valve are not only done in the workshops but also done on the field by the mobile technicians who visit the site, where the vehicle is stalled. Such services offer more convenience as well as found to be cost effective as these technicians are exclusively trained in repairing or replacing various kinds of EGR valves used in different models of cars or trucks.

Basics Of EGR System
Before going to the subject matter of the cost of EGR valve replacement, let us understand some basics of the EGR system and the EGR valve used in the modern vehicles. The EGR system helps the vehicle to reduce the Nitrous Oxide (NOx) emission, by redirecting the part of the outcoming gas from the engine back to the engine and thereby reducing the emission levels. This process is done by the EGR valve which is fixed in the engine compartment. Whenever the valve becomes faulty, the vehicle can show various symptoms ranging from noise during idling to stoppage of the vehicle in the midway. Most of the defects of this valve come in the form of valve fully open, fully closed and clogging inside the valve.

Onsite EGR Valve Replacement
After learning the importance of the EGR valve, it is time to learn about the cost of the valve and other details pertaining to its replacement at the garage or on-site replacement. In general, the cost of the EGR valve varies from $150 to $400 depending on the types of the while in which they are used in the EGR system. This cost includes the product as well as the cost of fixing at the garage level. This cost is only a guideline and special rates are offered when this replaced on the site where the vehicle is stalled. Few companies train the technicians to fix this valve on the client’s site or in the midway when the car is stalled. In such cases, the mobile technicians visit the place and fix the new EGR valve as soon as the call comes from a client. In general, these technicians carry various kinds of EGR valves which are used in most of the models of cars or trucks.

Replacing an EGR valve can be tricky. You can either call in a technician to do it for you or do it yourself if you have previous experience doing it.