Driving-in-SnowYou have to follow some standard safety rules and regulation while driving on roads.  During winter season you have to follow some additional safety guidelines to prevent any incidents. There are many risk factors while driving during severe winter seasons. Nowadays, the car manufacturing companies are producing some smart cars that are designed and developed using the winter conditions in mind. You can buy a Smart Car if you are living in an area which is vulnerable to severe winter conditions. You can also find some interesting automotive news for your personal safety at http://www.autonews.com/. Make sure to follow the following guidelines while driving during winter.

Make sure you are physically fit for driving during the winter season. It is best to avoid driving if you are not feeling good as the freezing climate can make your condition worse. Ensure that you take proper rest on the previous day night so that you will be mentally and physically fit to tackle the extreme weather conditions.

If your car is fully covered by snow, then you have to clean the snow thoroughly well in advance so that your vehicle will warm up automatically to some extent. Use a proper brush and clean all the snow pieces from all the places in the car and ensure to wipe and clean the front glasses so that you will get a proper vision.

First, you have to properly warm-up your vehicle so that you don’t face any trouble on the roads during your travel. Most importantly, do not warm-up your vehicle inside the parking area or garage areas as it will take more time to warm your car engine.

Safety of the tires during the winter season is vital. Proper grip is essential to have a good control while driving. Ensure that the car tires have enough air pressure to drive smoothly on the winter roads. Always use the same type of tires and do not mix with radial-ply tire with non-radial tires.

Make sure to fill at least half tank gas before travelling to avoid you gas lines drying out during winter.  The next important aspect is to check for your brake condition. You should have a good braking system while driving on the winter road to avoid accidents.

It is also important to inspect your vehicle condition by an approved automotive repair agency so that you will have enough confidence while driving in freezing conditions.

Slow and steady is the concept while driving in the winter season. Have a proper control on your accelerator, handle very gently while increasing and decreasing speed of your vehicle.  If you are planning a long trip, then have a check on the weather forecast. If the weather is threatening, then try to postpone the plan and also avoid travelling most isolated places during winter. If you are unable to postpone then inform your family members about your travel plans such as route, time of travel and the expected time of arrival at the destination.

These are some simple yet useful tips to follow to keep your vehicle run smoothly during the winter season.

car wax

Car wax is a fairly inexpensive product that can work wonders on your car’s appearance. Unfortunately, if you get one of low quality, you not only risk ruining your car’s paint job but also your overall health. That being said, there are some things that you must consider when looking for when shopping.

What form is the best?
Car wax comes in four main forms i.e liquid, paste, spray and as a rubbing compound. Each has its own merits and demerits.
Liquid wax – the ease of use makes them the most popular among car owners. They are are also more easily available and generally more durable than their counterparts. On the flip side, they may not be the best option for car owners pressed for time because they generally take longer to dry.Paste wax – They are the best option for those that don’t have a problem spending a lot of time and physical effort applying and buffing to get a lovely result. The superior end result is one of the reasons why car dealerships and other automotive experts opt for them. Spray wax – This is the best option for someone in a place with fairly stable weather. Beginners usually opt for this wax because of the use of use; if one makes a mistake, all that’s needed is a clean cloth to wipe away and a reapplication.

What’s the car’s condition?
Some things about your car that will determine what the Best Car Wax is include:
Size: If your car is big, you may want to go for liquid and spray waxes because the large surface area means that a lot of time and effort will be needed to produce an even finish.Age: Older cars generally need more attention than a shiny new car. Experts suggest that you go for liquid waxes for older cars because you’ll be able to get to hard to reach areas. Also a wax that can be used for buffing would also be appropriate.Color: You’ll find a car wax for any kind of car paint and finish. Manufacturers for such waxes allow you to make minor repairs to scratches and blemishes on the car’s paint which can save you quite a lot of money in the long run.

What’s the wax made from?
Waxes come on two types based on the ingredients; natural and synthetic, with each having pros and cons.

Natural waxes are generally easier on a car’s paint job and results in a superior shine. On the other hand, a lot of time needs to be dedicated to the application process because they tend to wear off easily, especially in inclement weather. If you want a shine that will last longer and requires less work, then its better to get synthetic wax. There is also the option of using both in tandem if you want the best of both worlds i.e a superior, long lasting shine. WharCar has some review of some of the best car wax options that you can try out https://www.whatcar.com/news/best-car-wax/.
You’d be amazed at how much a car’s value can be increased and how much attention you’ll garner by using a quality car wax.

 Insulating A Garage Door

With ever changing weather conditions, installing insulated garage doors have come up as a necessity. People who doesn’t own an insulated door, finds their garage filled with a gust of cold air during winters. If you are looking forward to insulate an overhead door, you’ll be pleased to know that you are heading towards the right direction.

Insulation tends to create a more energy efficient and comfortable garage. In case you want to insulate the existing garage door, call in an experienced Vaughan garage door installation technician who can install windows and other insulated features to an existing door.

As seen in http://www.idc-automatic.com/5-reasons-insulated-garage-door below are few benefits offered by insulating a East Coast Garage are:

1. Lowers The Energy Bill

Insulation can offer immediate savings on energy bills, in case a garage is attached to your home. Without proper insulation, a garage will either become extreme hot in summers or cold in winters. If you are using it for doing many other jobs, such as an indoor stadium or a store room, its beneficial to insulate it.

2. Reduce Noise

A well insulated garage is capable of blocking the outside and inside noise from peeping out. In case, you’re doing some loud work in an insulated garage, don’t worry about the sound to reach the neighbors. In other words, insulation results in a quieter and noise free garage.

3. Increase Resale Value Of A Home

Nuestros servicios incluyen cambio de cerraduras, apertura de puertas, instalación de bombillos, abrir caja fuerte sin romper. En cerrajeros Bilbao 24 horas, además somos expertos en cerraduras de seguridad, puertas acorazadas y blindadas, reparación de persianas metálicas, motorizar puertas de garaje y cualquier servicio de urgencia en cerrajería.

4. Durability

Quality of a door depends on the insulating layers. A residential garage door having 3-layered insulated design is capable of blocking more noise with good control on temperature. This feature turns it into a durable door. If your pets and kids are fond of playing in the garage, need not worry as this opening is less prone to accidents or damages. Investing in a strong roller garage door can offer worthy benefits along with reduced repair costs.

5. Better Vehicle Performance In Morning

Car engines are prone to freeze in extreme cold weathers. Due to this issue, majority of vehicles find it difficult to start in the morning, as their engines freeze up. Since insulated garages are responsible for regulating the inside temperature, there are reduced chances of decreased vehicle performance. Moreover, insulation can lead to smoother car starts in morning, thereby offering less waiting time for engine warm up.
As seen at https://www.overheaddoorcincy.com/blog/benefits-of-garage-door-insulation the above are a few of the Top 5 Benefits Of Insulating Garage Door . A garage door that operates using a manual opener is more prone to break-ins, due to the involvement of manual locks that can be easily picked or hammered. To ensure more safety and security, one can call in an emergency locksmith to install a whole new lock system that can be connected with an automatic opener. By installing such locks, one can have a full control on the garage door access and authorization, since it can only be operated by those individuals who are aware of the key code.

May 24, 2017

Bad EGR Valve Symptoms

Bad EGR Valve Symptoms

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve is a relatively new part of the car and can be found on newer vehicles. This part helps the vehicle to burn the fuel more efficiently and completely. The exhaust gases full with carbon dioxide gas are used to cool the mixture in the combustion chamber, because their high temperature is creating nitrogen oxides, which are extremely harmful to the environment. The EGR valve also, has a practical feature to cool the engine oil and to prolong the life of the turbocharger. It burns the fuel in a much cooler and complete way which leads to reduction of car’s noxious emissions and in the same banning some harmful gasses. The problem with these valves occur when it gets dirty with soot from the exhaust and then, it stops functioning properly.

Every driver once dealt a problem with the EGR valve. If you notice the following symptoms, you should clean the EGR valve or replace it as soon as possible. Bad egr valve symptoms lead to polluting the environment.

Symptoms for a bad EGR Valve:


1. Excessive amount of black smoke – it is coming from the out of the exhaust pipe and this is the first symptom that the EGR valve is partly blocked.

2. The vehicle can’t reach more than 3000 revolutions – in situations like this there is no need of panic, take your car immediately to the service because this problem can lead to overheating inside the engine which affects badly on the internal parts.

3. The light for checking the engine turns on – if the computer detects a problem with EGR valve than it will immediately turn on the light for checking the engine.

Preventive and solution

If you drive the car in the town more often than it is expected, it can lead to early problems with the EGR valve. Each vehicle of the new generation is desirable to drive on an open road from time to time in order to release the large amounts of soot which has accumulated in it. Also, an important factor that determines the condition inside the valve, are the kilometers that the car has passed.

Cleaning is possible only when there is a blockage of the mechanical part of the EGR valve, and in a situation where a fault occurs in the electronic part, it needs to be replaced. In case of replacement you should use a high quality part whose specifications matches the factory requirements.

Whenever cleaning and replacement is necessary, you should make a reading with help of a computer, in order to determine the position in which the valve is. If the new or cleaned part does not adjust the central control unit of the engine, it may cause problems with the operation.

Depending on the design of the EGR valve, it may be possible to extend its life by cleaning it rather than replacing it completely. However, to do the job you will need to remove the valve to clean it which will end up taking more time than replacing it with a new one.

racing car

From an early age, we are subject to racing cars and racing drivers on TV, in the press and almost through every medium. So, it comes as no surprise that when we get our first car, we all want to drive . Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford a 300 horsepower supercar to start with and have to make do with our hatch back with a few Saker Racing’s Car Accessory Reviews as also seen in www.designerice.sg/tag/cartreatments. So, what are the best for creating the race track on the road?

Tasteful alloy wheels not only add a lot regarding aesthetics to a car but they also simply make it look a lot sportier. The beautiful alloy wheels are often reminiscent of those on far more expensive cars, or even the likes of the WRC and allude to sport. Purchasing a nice pair of low profile wheels can make your car stand out among the masses and lift it.

Body Kit
Great body kits make a car look all the sportier. Now, we are not talking turning your car into a spaceship, or any such craziness. Just a small pair of side skirts and a spoiler is the perfect car accessory. Add these with some taste, and you are half way to entering a rally event, well in style terms anyway.

Once a new car is bought, it needs to be dressed up with accessories. Some of the car accessories are mere beautifying kits; some others are really important add-ons. Without them a car may not show the performance and provide the comfort that is expected from it. From a high power racing car to a common private vehicle; every set of wheels needs accessories to be able to live up to the expectation of the owner.

Lowering Suspension
By lowering your suspension, you make your car a lot more responsive in handling terms, and it can also increase resemblance to the racing cars we see day-to-day on the TV a lot more. Lower cars have less roll and so take corners better, they also make a car look a lot sleeker and teamed with those other wonderful car accessories such as alloy wheels, really give a lift to the most average looking of cars.

The sound system you have tells a lot about you. Purchasing a brand new system can lift a car and its entertainment out of ubiquity and put it right up there on the desirable list. From subwoofer and new speakers to great amps and full on TV screens; you car can be a multimedia haven. Invest with care, and you have something that may be better to watch a movie on than your living room.

Automatic alarm and security system

Never park your car out in the open without the necessary alarm system. Newer cars already come with this feature. Older cars, on the other hand, may not. You can also choose to upgrade your existing car security system to the latest version.

The car accessories you choose can make a car all the sportier and more desirable, however always remember there is a fine line between taste and overkill.