roadsideImagine you are driving on long highways with your family and your car suddenly stops to run. What would you do? It is an unexpected situation. It can happen for any people. You need to service your car at right intervals. If you miss servicing your vehicle, there are chances for your car to break down anytime. offer complete roadside assistance, long distance towing and junk car removal services. Here sharing some safety procedures you should keep in mind.

Ensure to stay away from curves of the road. It helps other cars to keep going. They would form a queue just because of your car. You need to get on a safety track.

If your engine has completely failed or does not start, do not get out of the car. It is hard to travel high-speed freeway by foot. If your car has stopped during night time, you need to switch on the light. You can switch warning light and show other travelers that your car has failed.

If your car has stopped in middle of high traffic, you should immediately hang a white cloth. It can alert people and other drivers that your car is in trouble.

If you have already signed up for roadside assistance, you can call them from your mobile phone. You can also use emergency call box that would be located just a few steps away. You can contact highway patrol or auto club for assistance. Ensure to go after locking your car. Do not leave your car without locking. You need to hang a white paper or white cloth outside your car to show highway patrol that your car is not running.

Do not work or stand near the traffic side. Ensure to stand on the opposite side. It is best to contact highway or roadside assistance professionals for help. They would reach you anytime and anywhere you need.

car-mainEveryone likes to buy products available at a lesser cost than the cost price and bargain continuously with the seller. There are no exceptions whatever may be the product including the car tyres. Nessie Tyres, Scottish tyre manufacturer offering the quality tyres for both cars and two wheelers at the cheapest price. If you are in Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh or any other area in Scotland you can buy it at a low cost, and thereby, you can minimize your car’s maintenance cost.

You can research the tyres from different manufacturing companies before buying. It is easy to find the price list from the search engines and compare it. Find a low priced product with good quality available with your local dealer. If you are familiar with the internet, you can check for the user’s review and ratings. This will help you to make the decision easier.

You can also contact the tyre fitting company through phone and check the price. You can bargain the price till it is decreased lesser than the competitor’s product. Don’t go for cheaper tyres on sacrificing the quality since poorly manufactured tyres are less controlled during an emergency.

You must ensure that the new tyre mounted on the rims properly and aligned to your wheel after installation. You can inflate your tyre properly on the longer run and will enhance the gas mileage.

The other factor you need to check before the selection is about the performance of the tyre. You check with your local dealer about its performance. If you prefer higher performance tyres, it will wear out soon.
You must check which will be the best suitable tyre for the climate and road conditions of your location and also any discount on tyre installation.

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